The ICREA Conference on Functional Nanocontainers will bring together leading international scientists representing various disciplines (e.g. physics, chemistry, materials science, biomedicine) to present the results of their studies on fabrication, structural characterization, function and performance of nanometer-sized and/or nanostructured materials serving as containers, reactors or carriers of functional compounds.

The systems of interest include mono- and polydispersed containers, addressing stoichiometrically and structurally well-defined synthetic containers of organic, metallo-organic, inorganic and biological nature, as well as polydispersed entities like micelles, vesicles, polymersomes, polymeric capsules, nano-sized living systems, core-shell systems, nanostructured films, nanogels and nanotubes, micro- and mesoporous materials with organic and inorganic frameworks. The application and functions of the encapsulation complexes deriving from these nanostructures, such as the transport and controlled release of the guest molecules (drugs, proteins, dyes, pesticides etc.), reactions and stabilization of reactive intermediates, controlled delivery in microfluidic devices will also be covered. In short, the scope of the meeting is very broad and tries to embrace all practitioners of the field.

The aim of ICREA Conference on Functional Nanocontainers is not only to have a series of lectures from experts working in this very broad field and who would not normally attend the same conferences but also to provide an optimal setting for intense interdisciplinary discussion and exchanges of opinion. We are convinced that it represents a unique meeting place to establishing new future collaborations across different research areas.

We also expect that the conference’s format will be advantageous for all researchers working in the field of functional nanocontainers from quite different perspectives. We foresee that this multidisciplinary meeting potentially will forge the pathway for breakthrough discoveries in the area.

Finally, the young scientists participating in the conference will be exposed to this field of research from a multidisciplinary and broad perspective. The conference represents a perfect venue to propagate excellent research and serves to educate and motivate the next generation of young researchers.

We hope you can join us!
Pau Ballester
Ciara O’Sullivan
Organising Committee